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KWCMS content presenter and manager

Manual and bit of documentation

At first, I am sorry, but most of informations are available only in czech version. Thanks.

This content manager is for little personal, fan or company pages (although the last I would rather not try too). It is hybrid between classical manager like WordPress, file manager and data storage. It has relatively simple system to adding own components. Everything could be updated from administration or via classical access with FTP or next tools for administration. Unlike other ones this one need no database.

It was also prepared for accessing more users and their own sub-pages (mainly more interests, which would not cover at one site). These sub-pages are designed and managed by similar way.

Software is provided "as is". If you do not like package or his creator's opinions, so do not use them. If anything crashed I take NO WARRANTY. If you want help, just write.

Why next content manager?

It is maybe strange, but I know about pages which could be managed dynamically with CMS, but they has no database. Moreover, most of managers go by "most complex" way and creating modules is really difficult. Next, in the beginning I could found no manager with object-oriented code, defined input, output and errors and relatively modular. In the end - what is better to backup and repair? Dump from database or file tree?

Whole manager is under GNU/GPLv2 and above and strictly written for browsers respecting standards HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript DOM (so not "that blue E" Internet Explorer). I tested it on Linux with Firefox, Chrome, Opera and console-one Links2 (with total ignore of scripts). Some modules (that without client-side scripts) go also under Opera Mini for mobiles. Contained images and icons are under Creative Commons and/or GPL.

I have try to create manager "so most stupid-proof", so at first look illogical composition has begun in this prediction.

Something about writing

I wrote Manager modular. It has in basic configuration for administration only users and groups managing. The rest is in every single module (whether system one, working or styles). I inspire self in Unix-like systems, so there is no miracle, when installing one found a little more parallels. I think there is someone mad who update this to driving his own computer with Linux (and finally he has own pages) - moreover I try to write interface like something between Gnome2 and Lxde.

Hint eventually

You really look for modern browser like derivatives of Firefox, Opera or Chrome. It is bigger fun with them. And leave me messages with your opinions about this system, bug reports and ideas to improve.