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In these packages are all available files needs to run. But at first I add description for each package. All parts are "in development", so you still use older packages, but there is newer versions which you couldn't use. But for now I do not want remove function from current parts. All main packages are without modules, they contains only really necessary files with core. You maybe want to fill system with other modules. Modules in presentation part needs add into config files with right level, administration need only add into menu. Presentation config is normal textfile which you can edit and add line with new module.

Packages description

  • - Contains basic compilation of packages. Just upload, set and run.
  • - Contains presentation core.
  • - Contains administration core. On site it can be only once.
  • - Contains installation wizard. Later you will need remove them.

  • - Module Dirlist. Listing dirs and files.
  • - Modules Langs, Logo, Menu, etc. Some (normally) basic stuff into pages. But you didn't need them every time.
  • - Modules Gallery, Thumb and Image. Photogallery and their stuff.
  • - Modules Footer and side. Add into pages another files, usually into bars.
  • - Module Fvideo. Play flash video.

  • - Module Texts. Editing text content.
  • - Module Files. Work with files and dirs in tree.
  • - Module Images. Work with images and rest of photogallery in current dir.
  • - Module Short. Manage short messages.
  • - Module Tree. Update menu.
  • - Module Upload. Upload large files. Beta.

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